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  1. 2017 Planning For Success - FREE Marketing Calendar

    "Preparation is the key to success" Alexander Graham Bell

    Plan your communications and create your content early - save time and money, and enjoy more success this year.

    Download your FREE marketing calendar and keep track of the year ahead.

    Download FREE Marketing Calendar

    Do you prepare your content around the seasons? This is a simple way to engage with your target audience at the right times of year. Plan campaigns using your calendar, and make sure you aren’t missing opportunities for growth.

    New Year – New You

    Themes: healthy living, positive change, new goals

    Celebrating the start of new opportunities and looking ahead to future successes, everyone is in high spirits at the start of the year. Blue Monday (16th January) is a good opportunity to offer customers a ‘pick me up’ and remind them of the excitement to come.

    Romance and pancakes arrive in February, and lent begins 1st March – engage with your customers and find out what they are interested in, use this to influence your offers and social posts.

    Spring Into Action

    Themes: Easter, tax year, wedding planning

    As Winter moves towards Spring, romance blooms and wedding season (April-September) begins. Tailor your communications to suit the season and get involved with public events.

    April can be stressful for many business owners, can your B2B service help? Share your services early enough to be hired before April, or target customers who want your offering for the new tax year.

    Summer Loving

    Themes: holidays, weddings, families

    Summer is a time for relaxation, celebration and generally having fun! Target holidaymakers, festival-goers and weddings parties with your campaigns, and see the audience engage with your brand.

    Look at some of the ‘fun holidays’ too, like International Cat Day (8th August), and don’t be afraid to spend time on Social Media discovering new trends.

    Winter Warmers

    Themes: Halloween, shopping, Christmas

    The kids are back at school and Christmas shopping commences. The busiest time of year for ecommerce is October - prepare early, promote heavily and relax as Christmas arrives.

    Winter sales and special offers are competitive, but can work to bring you new business. Prepare for the quiet time over Christmas and organise for the upcoming New Year ahead.

    Prepare To Succeed

    Print your FREE marketing calendar and plan your communications today!

    As Confucius said, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Spend the time preparing now, and reap the benefits throughout 2017.

    Need help with your content strategy? Get in touch for a FREE no-commitment consultation today!

    #Happy2017 everyone,


    Have you printed your calendar yet? Click the button below to download now

    Download FREE Calendar

  2. To-Do List - Contact Unity Content

    Content is the face of a brand – businesses need to make a great impression with valuable, inspiring and engaging content on their website and social profiles.

    Unity Content can help.

    In our world, it’s all about content, communication and conversions.

    For a website to perform well it needs to inspire action, for a business to succeed online it needs an engaging social presence targeting the right audience. For small businesses, this can be tough to begin with.

    Think of every instance of content as a means of communication - understanding the goal of the piece is key. What are you trying to say and why? The how becomes easier at this point.

    For most, success relates to conversions; did the reader buy my product, have I gained a new customer…?

    Questions are important and I wanted to help answer, so I started Unity Content.

    With over 18 years’ experience, there are many ways I can help businesses be more successful – I’ve done it with many companies, for many companies, and now I’m here to offer dedicated one-to-one support.

    Unity Content champions small business success.

    Read about our services, or ask about a package offer – every quote is bespoke and developed to suit the needs of the business, within any budget.

    What better day to share my story than Small Business Saturday? Celebrating the success and supporting the needs of small businesses around the UK – I’m a proud supporter, and encourage small businesses to get in touch today!